Some of the unique features and benefits of the Scandia Glazing System:

Safety Film

 UV and Safety film professionally applied to each window pane prior to system assembly.

Reduces noise pollution

 Tests have shown that balcony glazing decreases the noise level on a balcony by more than half.


Glazing your balcony makes economic sense. Studies have shown heating cost reductions of 4-8% annually and savings on  balcony maintenance costs of approximately $1,000.00 every 5 to 8 years. There is also a marked reduction in damage caused by freezing and by moisture. A Scandia Glazing System appreciates property value.


The Glazing System cannot be opened from the outside.
The Glazing System can be locked in closed positions, making the balcony safer for children and pets. The 8mm (5/16”) tempered glass panes have been tested to withstand wind up to 320km/hr.

Virtually invisible

 There are no vertical frames, therefore allowing the system to blend in well with surroundings from inside and out.
 Provides an unobstructed view from your balcony.


Increases balcony use

Provides protection from the elements, pollution and pests, producing a cleaner and more pleasant environment on the balcony.

The unique, Scandia Glazing System can be closed, fully retracted or locked into various ventilating positions.

The glass panels open inward sliding and folding neatly against the balcony wall.


Ease of cleaning

The glass panes slide and pivot inward making them easy to clean from inside the balcony.  Beyond this, the system is virtually maintenance free.


Warranty -25 year limited warranty covering all Scandia parts and service.