How will the installation of the glazing system impact the appearance of the building?

The design of the Scandia Glazing System increases the functionality of the balcony without compromising the building’s architecture.  Being that the Scandia system does not have vertical framing, it is virtually unnoticeable from the outside.  The unique feature of the Scandia System allows the glass panes to be completely opened during calm sunny days, partially closed during days with light winds or completely closed during inclement weather.

How can I purchase a Scandia Glazing System?

Purchasing a Scandia Glazing System is effortless.  Just give us a call 905-892-3019 or email, and one of our Representatives will answer all your questions.  Scandia Glazing will take care of everything under one contract; sales, production, and installation arrangements.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to install a glazing system?

A custom designed and manufactured Scandia Glazing System can be installed in a wide variety of applications.  Type of application and quantity sold per building effects system costs.  Pricing is variable, as each balcony is custom measured to the millimeter for accuracy and has its own complexities.

The typical installation time is approximately 1 – 2 days.  Team Scandia takes the time to ensure the installation is arranged with the customer’s schedule in mind.

Has the Scandia Glazing System been tested?

Yes.  The glazing system meets or exceeds required tests as per the building code in each jurisdiction. They included wind load test, tension and pressure tests.  The Canadian tempered glass used by Scandia has passed the national and provincial building code requirements.