“I have noticed a huge difference in the temperature in my condo unit since the glazing system was installed. My last hydro bill for the month of January was only $68.00, and as of day, 29 Feb, my heat has not come on once in the last 18 days. I have been keeping track of it, and the temperature in the condo stays around 68-70F daily.  It has not gone below 68F in that time.  I can hear the wind outside blowing very badly, but because of the Scandia Glazing System, the wind is no longer a factor on taking the heat out of the unit. I am always amazed when I get up in the morning to see the thermometer sitting at the higher temperatures, no heat.  I love my system. Thank you very much for such a great product and for such a great service by your company.  It is most appreciated.”

Heather, Hamilton ON

“The Scandia Glazing System is an outstanding, quality product. The amount of enjoyable time spent on my balcony, as well as the value of my condominium has increased significantly.”

Janet, Hamilton ON

“As you know we are on the 22nd floor, with a 9-foot high ceiling. The wind on a quiet day is something to behold, we can now sit on the balcony and read the paper or just look out onto the city below without fear of being blown off the balcony.  As well, we can now leave our furniture out without the need to tie it down or without the need to bring the cushions inside in case of rain.” 

Chris and Gail, Hamilton ON

“Peter and Jari were great and did a very neat and professional job on the installation. They were very careful with the concrete dust and didn’t make any mess and cleaned up completely before they left. The system itself is truly fantastic. We can open as many windows as we like, one, two or all nine. We can choose the side we want to open, depending on the wind direction and how much or little air we want. A very pleasant surprise was that the temperature on the balcony is about 8 °to 10 °higher than outside, even at night time. When the sun is shining, it’s about 15° higher.”

Ike, Hamilton ON

“Even with the extremely cold winter we are going through we have not had our baseboard heaters on since the balcony was enclosed and have used an electric fireplace. The result our heating/electric bill is so low Hydro called to reduce our balance monthly payments by half.”

Rev. John, Hamilton ON

“Upon completion, it was interesting to note that the city building inspector, having already inspected several other Scandia enclosures in our building, admired the quality workmanship and made a point of praising the high level of “engineering” that has gone into this product. I especially like the overall appearance of the enclosure and am looking forward to getting much more use out of the balcony area in the future.”

Pam, Hamilton ON

“Being on a south/west corner it is very windy and we were unable to enjoy the balcony. We have noticed a substantial decrease in the amount of dust and dirt in our unit and are now able to eat all of our meals out there.  The winter before we installed the system was our first year in the condo and it was very drafty, especially by the patio doors.  We bought an electric fireplace to try to reduce the chill in the living room.  This winter there was a noticeable difference in the temperature in the living room.  Our heating bills were reasonable and we did not use the fireplace. We are very pleased with both the system and the staff.  They have been very helpful.”

Dennis and Carol, Hamilton ON

“WOW!!!!! It’s fabulous! We love it. Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to Scandia Glazing for bringing such an amazing product to Canada. Hats off to all of you and looking forward to seeing you again as you go about making many of our neighbors as happy as we are.”

Mike and Sylvia, Toronto ON