Balcony Glazing extends the seasonal use of your balcony by fitting your balcony with sliding glass panes that can be opened or closed.  A glazed balcony can be furnished and decorated, as a backyard patio, extending the time your balcony can be used earlier into the spring and later into the fall.  As well, the glass panes can be opened in the warmer summer months so your new living space is completely exposed to the summer sun. When closed, balcony glazing systems protect your balcony from rain, snow, wind and dirt.  Tests have shown that the balcony glazing system reduces the noise level on a balcony by more then half.  It protects your balcony from the elements all winter, lowering maintenance costs and lengthening the structural life of your balcony.  Heating costs are also lowered as the glazing provides an extra wind break to leaky sliding balcony doors.

Scandia Glazing Systems now applies a 7mil Clear window film professionally installed on the interior side of the balcony glazing system. For more information please visit:

The Scandia Glazing System is not a completely sealed waterproof unit, but more like a weather break.  Some rain/snow may enter the balcony through the glazing ventilation gap or the existing safety rail/guard.  These gaps are necessary to prevent moisture build-up within the balcony space.  The Scandia Glazing System was not designed nor intended to create an interior space.  When decorating your glazed balcony any an all furnishings, floor coverings must be marked for exterior use.  Scandia Glazing Systems Limited is not responsible for any damage caused by water/moisture build up.